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we went to sears in college station and paid cash for a freezer in my daughter's house and a dish washer for my wife and my house. they came to deliver and put my dishwasher on my daughters porch.

she told them it didn't go there but at the other house about 100 yards away. they kept saying "no same place same place " they then put the freezer in her house and she again told the dishwasher was at the wrong house. she told them at lease 10 times and was yelling it to them while they were driving out the driveway. I'm 67 years old with a pacemaker on my heart and limited to lifting no more that 10 lbs.

we called sears and talked to many answering machines until we got a human and they still did not understand that we are allowed to have two houses on the same driveway. they did however say they might be able to get someone out saturday to move it. back in the early 60's i worked at sears while going to school and now i'm imbarrsed to admit it. i ask that if i hired some men to load them up and bring the two pieces back would they give me my cash back.

they said they would not. in my lifetime it's gone from buy nothing but "sears best" to shop anywhere but sears they've lost the meaning of service!!!

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